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namealreadytaken, FYI, the or paz earrings have a post and clutch back with an extended piece on it to help keep them in place. I hadn't realized what kind of attachment the DMQ had until I saw that presentation last night. I agree that it didn't look like it would be a very stable way to hold them on your ear.

The first time I saw the DMQ presentation of those earrings, they were not pointing up in the right direction, they were on the earring stand hanging down like regular earrings.

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On 1/12/2015 annabellethecat said:

I'm 68 years old. When I hear the term "too old" I cringe. My mother used to say, "If you want to feel and look old, hang out with 'old' people". She didn't mean physically old, she mean people who think OLD.

I wear them and I love them. Stop thinking like that.

I'm with you sista.

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I love them and I'm 63..would have ordered if they were stainless! Enjoy!!

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I don't care much for them (for myself), but I don't think anyone is too old to wear some of the styles.

If I wanted to, I would wear them.

Go for it.

Hyacinth Smile

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Danny from Or Paz said in the presentation of his, that they worked a while to develop a back that would work for these earrings. So I give them credit for improving on the backing!

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Remember the ""threader"" earrings? Those were in and out in a flash. I think these are much more sophisticated and elegant looking.

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I have small ears and was never drawn to the idea of wearing ear "pins" or climbers, but I think the Or Paz climbers are lovely. I would be interested in hearing real feedback from anyone who has them and also has a smallish lobe/external ear shell area. especially if you wear glasses.
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Of course you're not too old and if you love something age should have nothing to do with it. Enjoy them.
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definitely, just wear them in good health! Let us know if you like them. I was wondering if they will stay up. One of the last times I saw something like this they had an additional piece that also fit the ear. I thought that would hold it in place better. Do say if these stay put, I'll be curious to know.

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On 1/11/2015 rockydog1 said:

can you be too old to wear them? I am 60 and just purchased some. Opinions pls

I am older than you and ordered them. I think they are lovely. I wear what I like! They will look beautiful on you!

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