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This style is about 15 years old and is aka ear pins.
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The only reason I would not wear these is because (personally) it drives me crazy to wear them. I've seen them on people of various age groups and they look just fine. And as others have noted, they've been around for years.

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Age is just a number and a state of mind. Go for it!

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I did not care for them. I also saw part of the pms presentation at it did not go well. The earrings did not stay up, and Amy was flustered
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Your style is your own, define what YOU like and don't let someone tell you what you can or cannot wear.

I like the diamonique ones and the OrPaz, and would wear them climbing, or turned upside down. I have two holes in each ear, so on me, they would look like i got a couple more holes added.

BTW, when my hubby retired from the Army in 2008, the day he got his retirement ID card, he got his ear pierced, and I had the cartlidge pierced with the other half of the pair of diamond studs. I've never taken mine out, except for surgery. I love it, it's me, and i love the earring he wears every day. He changed to a very small gold hoop, and it's become a part of him. He teaches masters level business classes and wears button down shirts/ties, at our local university, and no one has told him he can't wear it. He's 65.

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I had purchased the angel wing climbers and returned them. They did not stay in place.

BTW: only took about 7 working days for my credit to appear.

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I remember these from the 80's as ear cuffs. I used to wear them.

I don't think you are too old for them.

I personally just don't care for the look at all. I loved them in the 80's though. LOL

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Age is not a factor. You just have to have ears.
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I think they're lovely ~ enjoy and have fun!
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Seventy eight and not too old. I dress for me no one else, and I have the good sense to wear what looks good, and what is too young, not these, they are fine for any age