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I just found out Carolyn Pollack’s new jade pieces are dyed jade. She did not mention this on air or in write up. She went on and on about how happy she was that after years and years they had jade........never once mentioning it was dyed jade. I have many of her pieces but no longer trust her brand.         Peg

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Re: Carolyn Pollack’s Jade

Other than nephrite and very expensive jadeite, most jade is dyed, especially the different colors (purple, blue, etc,)

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Re: Carolyn Pollack’s Jade

Unless otherwise stated I assume all jade to be dyed, especially very bright colored and nongreens. I also assume gemstones to be dyed and treated.

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Re: Carolyn Pollack’s Jade

With today's technology, one would think they could come up with something besides those five or six standard colors, especially that bright green.