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On 1/11/2015 TY said:

Carolyn Pollack was a vendor on The Shopping Channel in Canada about 11 or more years ago and then came back to TSC about a year ago or so. I can't tell how well her stuff sells in Canada...quite a bit of it is on sale now on TSC.

I decided to buy a rhodonite and sterling silver ring that's on clearance. There's one clearance show on Monday on TSC of some of her jewelry so I decided to get a jump start before the ring I like sells out.

I do have a nice C.P. sterling silver charm bracelet (minus any charms) that I bought on clearance last summer and a nice amazonite sterling silver bangle bracelet that I bought on clearance around the beginning of the new year.

I do appreciate that her jewelry line is made in the U.S. as very little sterling silver jewelry sold in Canada is made in North America any more.

I received the rhodonite sterling silver ring on Monday from TSC in Canada and it's a keeper! I ordered a size 7 and it does run big but the ring is large and substantial (more than 12 grams of metal) so it will make a perfect middle finger ring. I can also wear this on my right ring finger too. Too bad that TSC only ships within Canada as the ring hasn't sold out yet.