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I own two of Isaac's original ceramic watches, and both need repairs for the same problem .... the stem, or dial, is pulled out to re-set the time, and now it won't go back in.


Did someone once post a reference on here for the best place to send Isaac's ceramic watches ..... I can't be sure ....  does anyone else recall this, or have a referral? 


Or should I just have it done locally?  




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@Tinkrbl44    I'd take it to a local jeweler who has a competent repair person, someone who doesn't just change batteries.  Ceramic watches require special handling.

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Be sure to get an estimate of the cost before commiting to the repair.  It could be a simple adjustment or a major repair. 


The stem (crown) is a very delicate part of a watch... and it can be costly to replace/repair.... depending on what is needed.   That is one of the  many reasons watch collectors do not recommend pulling out the stem to 'save' the battery.


In my experience, (I have a lot of watches)  some stem issues can be resolved by tightening a little screw that's inside the case.  But if the stem threads are stripped or the problem is more complex, it's an involved and therefore costly repair.  Watch repairs can sometimes cost more than a new watch.


Good luck.  I think contacting the manufacturer, if you can, is a worthwhile place to start unless you know of a watchmaker. 

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Pulling out the stem in our area is a good way to guaranteed the battery will need replacing.  DH talked me into this and every single watch stopped for good.  High humidity?  I have a few Ecclissis, one Isaac and one Citizen's.  I know better on the Citizens, pull that one out and it may have to go back to the factory.  Or keep it in a drawer where it never gets any sun, same thing.

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I took one of IM's ceramic watches to a jewelry store because they happened to be near where I was doing other errands.I wanted to have a new battery put in. He told me that the watches weren't good quality so it wasn't worth doing. I was annoyed because certainly they weren't "cheap" when I purchased them and I've enjoyed wearing them for years.


I've had the battery changed in these watches before but by another shop so I think he just didn't want to be bothered. Once things open up again, I'll have to see if the other jewelry store is still in business and take it there.

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Geeze, he was very unprofessional. Sounds like he's just plain lazy or on a break or something and didn't want to be bothered. I have two ceramic watches and had some difficulty finding someone to change the batteries. I found a watch repair person in a very nice jewelry shop.

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to change batteries on watches cost from 15 to 35 dollars and higher. Some of my Isaac watch cost around 40 dollars. Unless somebody at home changing it it is way to costly.

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I had a beautiful and expensive ceramic watch with a diamond bezel that developed stem problems. It loosened and then I lost it Woman Sad

Took it to several jewelers, no luck. I really thought a metal crown would work but jewelers don't want to bother. The ceramic itself lends itself to problems over time due to battery changes loosening the stem from the housing. I adored that watch.



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I take my watches to a clock store that also works with watches.  They are better, IMO, and a whole lot cheaper than a jewelry store.