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I really like the watch - I would have paid more for sterling silver.
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I like the watch too especially because it doesn't say "Bronzo" anywhere on the face. It would be beautiful in sterling or UltraFine. That would be something I would buy without hesitation. 

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I can definitively state that silvertone on Bronzo wears off- and it wears off quickly. Period. Nine wearings was all it took.
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Bronzo is tarnish resistant not tarnish proof. Just clean it like you would silver. I can't beleive you guys are returning dirty jewelry months later instead of simply cleaning it.

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None of my many Bronzo pieces have discolored, and I have pieces in rose, yellow and white. I take off jewelry when I get home at the end of the day, wiping with a dry soft towel if there are oils, smudges or makeup that has come in contact. Never have worn in the pool, shower, tub.

I really enjoy the mix of Bronzo among the fine gold in yellow, rose and white in my jewelry box...because I do not have to treat it as carefully. They are work horses. I was unlucky to drop an early Bronzo watch purchase on tile floor, and the crystal cracked (it still works, the crystal did not disengage from the watch. The necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, pendants look as good as Day 1.

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Re: Bronzo turning color

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Excuse me - Ruby
I have returned well cared for but tarnished watches that did not live up to the claims !
It is not dirty - it is tarnished
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@1208 wrote:

My bronzo is turning black, so much for them saying it dosen't change color....yuck Smiley Sad


Just posted on another thread,  my yellow gold,  bronzo bracelet turned dark maroon, rose gold within three months.  I did wear it alot, but I expected the yellow gold color to last!

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I have a bronzo rose bangle and have been extremely hard on it. I've banged it up pretty good and it is still the same color as when I first got it. Of course it has a few scratches on it if you look at it up close but it is still shiny and pretty. I'm going to get the silver and gold colored ones on EZ pay today.

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I have some earrings - OMG - they turned black - they were "rose" - I didn't expose them to anything odd.......they just got brassier and brassier - i am sending them back even QVC throws them in the trash cause it's about 60 days now - I don't care - I want them to see! Otherwise, I have to just throw them away.  I hate all these new fangles ways they are trying to reinvent 14K - stop it - it just aint working!

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nope - it's all black