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Big Bonanza Silver - Sell-outs already?!

Took a peek at the preview today at work and wrote down a few item #s of earrings (and then forgot to bring it home!) Just now was going through the preview to find them again and one was gone (the dangle earrings shown on the BBSD commercial), and another I found the number for (#J312568) but by the time I put it in the search to see details, it said it was no longer available.

This makes me crazy. I used to love this day, and was actually a little excited at the choice of fairly reasonable earrings, but already I'm bummed and the day hasn't started yet.

Prices on bracelets aren't too bad, but I'm glad I was gifted a QVC riccio bracelet years ago (thank you Elaine!). The prices on some of the larger necklaces are just crazy IMO.

ah well, good shopping everyone! maybe I kind find a small treat out there somewhere!