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Re: Are any QVC customers aware of their new rules for cancelling?

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@tropics 21 wrote:

Today I ordered two jewelry items and tried to cancel 3 hours later and couldn't.  Called customer service and they told me that as of January, 2019, they made new rules and a customer has to cancel within 30 minutes, or they can't cancel.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  Shame on QVC. When the Logo TSV was on, I ordered in at midnight just before the TSV expired. , 3 of them because sizing is off for all QVC garments.  At 7 am the next morning I decided I didn't want them, tried to cancel, and the option was not there.  To repeat, ordered it 12:01, 1 minute after midnight and tried to cancel 7 hours later, on a Saturday, and they couldn't. This is unfair, and customers should complain.

@tropics 21, you should have said, "oh, okay, will you be shipping my order within 30 minutes?"  As the Q prices have escalated to the point of almost over the top, and their poor shipping time, excessive shipping rates (compared to many websites with free shipping), I can't remember the last time I ordered anything - and for many years I'm pretty sure I was paying their monthly electric bill with the amount I spent.  LuLu