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Anyone purchase the Diamonique princess Diana ring?

I saw the Kenneth J Lane one and thought it a bit big maybe, though I enjoyed the excitement with which his assistant introduced it. I caught Lisa Mason on video presenting the Diamonique version. I seemed to like it better. What is it about Princess Diana that makes you want to own it? I'm contemplating it. She was beautiful, her style was amazing..she looked like a Princess! More than that she was human with faults and weaknesses, but she loved people and reached out to them.

So what are your thoughts on the ring and why you'd like to have it.

BTW, I saw the Diana exhibit snd she really did MAKE the clothes! Particularly the early years. Seeing some of them in person..they were very matronly. The later styles were exquisite and of course the iconic wedding dress.

Thanks! and thoroughly enjoy the ring if you purchase for whatever reason~