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Re: Any reviews on Bixby vine ring?

Day1128~~So glad you got the color citrine that you wanted!  I wonder if they ever read comments we write on our return forms.  Maybe they did with your ring.  Thanks for letting us know you got what you wanted!  I have been enjoying the rings I purchased.

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Re: Any reviews on Bixby vine ring?

@Day1128 wrote:

My first citrine ring had more bronze/brown stones. Citrine is my birthstone, and I wanted the true citrine (yellowish, not brown) color. I returned the first ring and on the exchange form asked for yellow stones. Well, I received the exchange this week and the stones are yellow! Don't know if what I wrote on the form made a difference, but I am now keeping the ring. 


@Day1128  I'm so glad you got the color stones you wanted with your exchange.  I still love my iolite ring.

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