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I caught a few min of Alberti selling diamonique in the wee hrs last night. I think he could possibly be the next Dave james. Daves James was THE best at selling jewelry. Alberti was very well prepared, gave great descriptions. I thought he did great job with jewelry!!! I am surprised there isn't already a thread on this!

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I'll take Dave James any day!

Returning to the post to add that Dave James came from a family of jewelers, and had a great knowledge of precious metals and especially gemstones. Alberti is probably well prepared for his presentation, but the depth of knowledge isn't there IMHO.

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I have to admit….I miss Dave James more than I miss LR. He was so pleasant to watch and listen to.

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I like Alberti, he is fun and personable.

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Love Alberti.

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I miss Dave James too,he was so nice and pleasant.Loved when e would cohost with antonella they were good together.

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On 1/14/2015 tucka said:

I miss Dave James too,he was so nice and pleasant.Loved when e would cohost with antonella they were good together.

Yes, that very mature man with a very good working knowledge of jewelry and the juxtaposition of the fun-loving Antonella was a gift. QVC does not have that any more. I think Alberti was employed to replace Lisa.

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Alberti is doing an awesome job! He always dresses so well, is prepared for his shows and I love his enthusiasm. Just seems like such a great guy and so likeable! Yes, Dave James was terrific presenting jewelry but like another poster said, he comes from a jewelry background. Alberti was the rep for Alterna so this is new for him. Reva

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I so agree...I think Alberti is awesome...He does well across the board with all the products...but especially well with the Diamonique...He is such a doll and has such a wonderful disposition...

I too miss Dave James...Does anyone know what happened to him...what he is doing now?...he was so great...miss him a lot...

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I hadn't seen Dave James; everyone has such excellent memories of him. Hope he is doing well. Alberti is a great host on all shows. Fashions, collectibles, jewelry, and probably all of the other shows. Very talented and a true gift to QVC.

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