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Affinity Diamond Butterfly Pendant


Does anyone remember Affinity Diamond selling a 14kt gold butterfly diamond pendant?

The wings of the butterlfy were filled in with pave diamonds and the enitre butterlfy and necklace was 14kt yellow gold..It was a stunning piece.    Irecently saw it for sale on ebay, however the seller never sent it, paypal issued a refund.


How do i submit a request for it to be made and sold by affinity diamond on QVC?


thank you

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Re: Affinity Diamond Butterfly Pendant



Michele Lau is the Affinity Diamond Rep.  


She is on Facebook Michele Lau for QVC, and may be able to respond to your request.


I like diamond butterflies a lot, also!


Good luck in your quest.

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Re: Affinity Diamond Butterfly Pendant

I think I have the butterfly necklace you are referring to and it is beautiful.  Keep watching ebay if you don't find it offered here again.  I've seen it come back on auction from time time.  What did you pay for it?  I got mine on ebay also and paid $135. maybe 3 years ago.  I the one I have doesn't sit flat by design which makes it move and catch the light more.