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This morning as I was leisurely getting ready for work 2:00 am this morning. The vendor that 's Bixby best friend was presenting her jewelry, to me she seem bored. The host was trying to bring conversation and discuss the jewelry, to me it was like pulling teeth from a newborn baby. She did not appear like she wanted to be there.

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Oh it was painful to watch. Nancy tried so hard, but the friend really didnt know the line at all.

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That's a shame because there is so much to talk about with Bixby jewelry... maybe the friend just wasn't awake enough to do more??  2:00 a.m. seems hard to do to me.....

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@Q4u  Yes, that's exaclty what I was thinking.......she may have been half asleep.  I recorded the show, so I'll watch it later and see for myself!

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To me her body language and demeanor she did not appear sleepy,she seem bored and just not interested.  

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I sort of thought the opposite, that Nancy wouldn't give her a chance to speak.  But I was only half awake, so I could've misinterpreted what was going on.  The bottom line, though, was the jewelry rep didn't speak much at all!

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I'm glad Im not the only one who thought this. The woman or friend knew hardly anything about the jewelry! 

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Thought Barbara said last night when she was on with Antonella that she would be on with Antonella tonight on QPlus. Antonella is doing the show by herself. Wonder what happened to Barbara.