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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I am a long term Isaac Mizrahi fan - from the 90's and when he had his line at Target.  My favorite place to shop is Talbots - has been since I was 21.  I have always thought Princess Grace was the ultimate fashion icon - I like classic styles when at work and yet casually, I am willing to rock a trend within reason - nothing too showy or trashy looking.  Yet, I have always thought he makes clothes that look feminine. 


I am now 44 and find that being a little overweight, often on my feet all day, that I gravitate to styles that have some support in them - like the 24/7 pants.  (I have lots of Diane Gilman pants/jeans as well from HSN plus many different Talbots styles.)  You can't always jump and wear a stripe and a floral if it is out of your comfort zone but there are elements.  For example: I have several of these louder floral sweaters but what I do is wear a solid column under.  Black/Black or Navy/Navy top and bottom with the sweater as a pop. It has allowed me to wear a little edgier/louder styles.  Some of the stuff Shawn wears looks like Goodwill scraps and I know it is fashion but not something that I would ever be caught in. I also wear a lot of Susan Graver twinsets - liquid knit is great for travel. 


So, if I had to guess, the Isaac demographic is 18-54, although there are plenty of styles that anyone 54+ would wear (including my 68 year old mom who just loves him and anything he does in pink!) primarily with simpler styles being for the 40+ and the edgier being for under 40.  I also can say I have really liked a lot of Halston due to the clean lines but you have to know your own personal style to know if some of the designs will look right on you.


I have found that his quality is much better than Women with Control, C Wonder, Quacker Factory.  The only brand I do not understand at all is Logo - it looks like you are wearing pajamas or dressing like you are wearing all of your clothes.  Even if it is soft - that many layers are not flattering on overweight women.  If it is the material, then there are lots of other Rayon/Spandex lines that are often on better sales (Chico's and Soma make lovely items). 


One last bit on Isaac, I just got the recent TSV pants with the pintuck - in the blue/white paisley and the coral - two out of my own comfort zone - I will wear a solid royal twinset with the paisley and black over the coral.  They fit incredibly well - even better than last year's pants and they are extremely flattering on.  Selectively, try his items and you might be surprised.  If trying a t-shirt - make sure it is the Pima cotton - very luxurious and soft. 

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

@author wrote:

It's funny but as a "woman of a certain age" (69) I feel that they are for younger women!  Put granny cardigans on a granny, and oh no, not good, but put a big floral granny cardi on a young thin woman, and very pretty.  


It will be interesting to hear what others have to say.  I have one item from Isaac and it's well made and fits ok, and I like some of his handbags but not his logo, and when thinking about it discover I really don't watch him anymore at all.    


That's exactly how I think of his clothing line.  Better that you said it though!  I'm in my mid-60s and I think it's too old lady-ish for me!

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I find his prices high. I am a bargain shopper.  I haunt the clearance and AS IS lists on the Q.  I take no issue with his styles, it is just I can get it somewhere else at a better price. 


Just in case you are curious, I am 72, a high style gal and will wear just about anything that looks good on me.  In truth I am only 11 since I never got out of the 6th grade.  (retired teacher) LOL.

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?


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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I am no longer young, but want to appear stylish without dressing too young for my age. 


My favorite QVC brand is Linea by far - but not for everything.  I also purchase GILI and some Isaac Mizrahi.  I like some of IM's clothing.  His peplum designs as well as the gorgeous lace tunic with the peplum are perfect for my figure. I own Mizrahi a mixed media sweatshirt material moto jacket that was the TSV last year and it is adorable, a jacquard peplum jacket, and his lace tunic (100,00 sold).  I also purchased the peplum TSV cardigan yesterday in black and cream with the matching tanks.  I think they will look nice on me for summer. I think IM's clothing appeals to a lot of  different age groups.  


As an example of IM's appeal to all ages I purchased IM's popular lace tunic in black.  It is a beauty.  I wore it with Linea black slim ankle pants, heels and some jewelry.  The outfit was very flattering on me. At the event a young girl in her early 20's  asked me where I purchased.  She was shocked when I told her.  She went on her I phone and ordered two in different colors.

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I think the woman who shop Talbots.  Older women but who are still working.  Late 30'sh to 50ish.  I'm in my middle thirties.  For the most part I like is clothing, but I do most of my shopping online from Zara, Shop Bop.  Susan Graver perhaps a little younger audience.  And again cheaper clothing for the office.  I dislike his essential line in cotton.  I want easy care and can do without wrinkled and shrinking/fading  tops.  I'd rather put up with synthetic fabric.

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I think the same as with all of QVC's clothes; the middle aged woman.  That 40 to 70 age group; middle aged  women who like to look good and like to look modern but classic.

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

I happen to love many of Isaac's clothes.  His long sleeved essential tees are a favorite of mine -the cotton is beefy and washes and wears well.  I am waiting for more colors to come back in stock.  I am in my mid 60s and i think liking or not liking his clothes is just a matter of personal taste.  They are well made.

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

Personally I love his clothes,that does not mean I can wear all of them .I am in my 70 .I bought is wide leg jeans and even if I say so myself they look stunning on with a pair of platform heels .I just ordered so of his tees can't go wrong with a tee. I love bright colors so I would buy a floral cardigan .

But I have to budget my money I give myslef an allowances  every month to spend .

I think if you work in an office he has very nice things .I don't think age should stop you from wearing what you want .life is short so do what makes you happy .

I also love lisa rina pants . 

I did notice yesterday a lot of his clothes sold out and again this am so some one is buying .

Be happy 

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Re: Who are the targeted customers for Isaac's clothes?

Total Isaac fan here! I have purchased a few of his items. The quality is always top-notch and the styles are timeless. Once I found the proper size in his line, I was hooked. Two of my latest obsessions are A294255 and A280965 - wish I could buy all colors in each item. Anyway, I'm middle-adged, professional, and find that I gravitate toward stylish but conservative clothing and accessories. I always have, even when I was a lot younger. I also really love a lot of Susan Graver's line for the same reasons.