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Isaac shows

I see we are losing Isaac on Monday nights,I sure hope we aren’t losing Isaac,I love his clothing line and I think it is a line that hasn’t skyrocketed in price after we got used to his line and liked like the logo line has done
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Re: Isaac shows

He and Shawn are moving to friday

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Re: Isaac shows

I like IM and a lot of his line, but I just can't watch him with either SK or JC.  Hence, I got on line to check out his offerings.

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Re: Isaac shows

I liked Isaac on Mondays at 9.  I might be asleep by 10 on Friday.  Oh well!


Does anyone remember his afternoon talk show?  It was some years ago.  He'd sketch an outfit for the audience based on a concept they'd come up with, among other things.

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Re: Isaac shows

I do remember the afternoon show - on Style network or something like that - and then he would offer his guest a 'delicious coffee'

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Re: Isaac shows


            @Sweetbay magnolia and @Patty in CO,  I was a fan of Isaac's talk show on Style Network.    It was on for a couple of years, I believe.  His sketches and interactions with the audience -- and his interviews, too -- were interesting, usually light-hearted, and fun to watch.😊


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Re: Isaac shows

We Need Isaac Mizrahi Live Back Earlier & On Different Day!
So disappointed IM and Shawn Killenger have moved to Friday at 10:00 PM! I loved watching their witty banter and Isaac’s great design work.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 8:00 PM would have been more advantageous time change.
Can’t watch Friday. Plus, time change is way too late.
Not good!!