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Isaac's prints

I have bought many of Isaac's items.  They are well made and not overly priced, IMO.


I have not purchased any of his prints (mostly florals) . . . I am just not "print" person.  However, I will note they they are all matched at the seams, whether it's a front seam, side seams, or back seam . . . the pattern is continued and not cut off.  I'm sure that costs more in making each piece, but I appreciate his commitment to that.


On Sunday there were two other vendors who were selling a lot of floral prints, and neither of them bothered to match the pattern at the seams, yet their prices were not lower.  


I did buy Isaac's TSV peplum top in the marlin blue and will be wearing it to my grand-niece's wedding shower next month, with a neck scarf and a cute hat. It's a backyard event, so I will include my cowboy boots (they suggested no heels or strappy sandals).  Haven't decided yet if I will wear a skirt with that or dressy jeans.  They are all horse people up there and dress very western. 


BTW, he sold 135,000 of that TSV.

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Re: Isaac's prints

@Lilac Tree,  I have several of Issacs print sweaters and the ones I have I love.


I know it is impressive for the host to say 000,000 have sold, but what I wonder at times, how many have been returned.