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Please please please bring back short sleeve, v-neck Pima cotton tunic with front seam. Dying for bright white

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I'm still trying to decide if I like the pima cotton or the regular cotton.  Some days I love pima and others the cotton is great.   

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I adore Isaac and find his clothes to fit well and are of high quality. However, the pima cotton tees just don't work for me, personally. Maybe I have too many "lumps and bumps", as Isaac calls them, but it's a bit thin and telling. 


I keep checking each day to see if his original cotton essential tees in long sleeve have returned this season. Those are refined, almost like a casual sweater instead of a tee, without the flimsy slinky feel of the pima. 

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Isaac’s tees are simply the best! Since purchasing a few in the last few months, they have quickly become my favorite! To me, the look and feel is much higher quality than the other QVC brands in my closet. I’ve decided no more t-shirt purchases for me unless they are Isaac Mizrahi!

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