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I think I have every handbag that Isaac has brought to QVC and they are still going strong and are as lovely as when I first purchased them.  Could some one please tell me WHY he and QVC are no longer bringing his bags in?  The current hand bags that are sold on the Q are such hideous choices, the quality is not there.  Please bring Isaac's bags back.  Thank you

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Quality of handbags?  I think some lines have very good offerings as far as quality goes.  I have enjoyed Radley London recently.  I think most of Patricia Nash bags offer good quality.   Many, not all, of Dooney & Bourke bags are good quality.  Some Aimee Kestenberg, some Vince Camuto are good too.   I don't own one, but Margot New York looks like good quality.  Why would you state the "quality is not there?"  Like every product line, we have to be good shoppers and savvy consumers.

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Hi @MauiGirl1 


I have 4 Isaac bags, they are gorgeous and well made, stylish, and quality to spare. 

I miss his bag line as well.