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Re: Host KATHY is just wonderful!

My favorite newer hosts are Mary Nelson and Kourtney K.  Both are on late evening here like 10 pm.  Courtney does take over the vender quite often.  Mary is so sweet and has been a friend of Shawn’s for years.  I believe both were newscasters.

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Re: Host KATHY is just wonderful! Mary is excellent also!!!

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Mary is so very good and cool! She is genuinely trying to give the best info. She's a beautiful woman and very believable! A few there's are trying so hard to make a sale that all they talk about is the easy pay, and the money. The product is a second thought to them after the money. It's quite obvious! 

Good job Mary - stay sweet and sincere. You're so like able - not pushy!!


If you're referring to Mary DeAngelis, her lisp is so prominent and distracting.  Can't concentrate on her presentations because of it.   Today had to change channels while she was on.  Good to have control of the remote.

Why ruin a nice thread with your harsh criticism!

Totally agree! Is walking on water difficult?