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Camo and jog pants

I look forward to seeing Isaac on air--love his descriptions of fabrics and discussion on various colors. But, lately I feel all we are seeing is camo everything and jogging pants. Or maybe sometimes lace tops and dresses and big sleeves. Please bring us something in between, for those of us for whom lace is too dressy and jogging pants and camo are far too casual....I feel as though I am on a stake out in my pjs when I grocery shop in some of these outfits.😏 Thanks.

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Re: Camo and jog pants

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Re: Camo and jog pants


Funny you should say that (about being on a stake-out in PJ's.)   As I sit here in my camo joggers, I was remembering the movie Terminator 2, when Sarah C. had on her 'fatigues' and was going to gun down that guy who created Skynet.  Honestly, I look down and "see her."  Weird.  

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Re: Camo and jog pants

When I’m not in jeans I am in joggers or camo leggings. Lots of folks like them. Go to the mall.