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A300899 Pima Cotton

Happy sharing with anyone who enjoys IM pima cotton tops, in this case length and other details make this one indeed special. Buy more save ordered black, white, and fuchsia kiss. Issac, Love! Your pima cotton. 

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Re: A300899 Pima Cotton

How is the fit on this one.  It looks fitted.  I like looser around stomach with no hugging.

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Re: A300899 Pima Cotton

They are labeled Pima but he often uses only 80% Pima.  For some reason that seems not quite the truth.

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Re: A300899 Pima Cotton

thanks for sharing.  I can’t even count the number of Pima cotton tops I have of Isaac’s.  They’re fabulous.   Just as good as LL Beans.   

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Re: A300899 Pima Cotton

I can't wear crew necks! The neckline is much too high & hot....looks awful on me.


I just ordered two of Isaac's v neck tops.

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Re: A300899 Pima Cotton

I purchased 3 of these Tees last summer and I went up a size from Small to Meduim.  They were a little large when I first got them but fit well after washing.  I recently bought one of the new colors (Royal Navy) and it didn't fit the same.  The newer Tee was longer and the sleeves were longer and wider. I didn't like the way it looked on me so I returned it.  I was dissapointed because I really like the ones I bought last year.