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Burgundy leather sofa sounds FAB to me!

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I have had non-neutral sofas for many years. I have deep ink (navy) now. My favorite was paprika which my kids called "pink" and my deep emerald green was good too.


My main room accommodates 2 full sofas. For me, Ethan Allan is my sofa brand of choice. We used LazyBoy for our office reception furniture and it wears like iron. Not sure if this is still the case, but at the time all the back cushions are attatched ie, not loose and thus cannot be rotated.

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It's exciting to furniture shop.  You've stated a few "ifs" btw the 2 colors.  To me, that means you're unsure of the purchase.  Quality furniture isn't cheap, so  I hope you'll think it thru & not have any regrets later.


Do you have extra space in another room to put the sofa while waiting for the new carpet?  Just something else to think about.  Good luck with your decision.  We really want new livingroom furniture & the only thing that's been holding us back is we know our 3 pets would "christen" it. 


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Sometimes these perfect opportunities just seem to drop in our laps.


For my lunch I went walking in a shopping center near work, and just happened upon a Lay-z-Boy "sidewalk sale".


They had a recliner that was perfect for me. I knew it would sell quickly.

I was right!

It was in the back of my car before my lunch was over.


I loved that chair and used it daily for 20 years. Never regretted the unplanned purchase.


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My Lay Z Boy sofa, leather, has been a disappointment.


It is high grade leather, but the frame keeps losening and becomes wobbly.

DH has to turn it over and tighten it up several times a year.


Also, the mechanism to activate the recliner has had to be replaced on both sides, a few times. I am not rough with my furniture.


They also delivered the wrong color and gave us a hard time about it.


Ugh, I don't  want to sound so negative, but my experience has really made me question the company's quality control.


My hope for you is that you have a much better experience.

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That's stinks that you've had a disappointing experience with LazYboy.  I would be very upset also after spending hard earned money & ending up with poor quality.  It's too bad they didn't replace it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the order taker also made errors writing up the order.

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I will say that sometimes, I want a particular thing for a very long time. I am very specific about what it is, the size, color, style etc. I'm not in a position to buy it, so many years pass.


Then over time, and often a very long time, I find I am loving something quite different and very glad I didn't get it/do it to my decor. 


So ask yourself, if you wanted red so bad, but kind of have fallen for burgundy, is the red really something you should be holding out for? I guess only you can decide if you have changed your mind about 'only red' or are you just going after a deal for the sake of a deal, and will be sorry you don't have the red later?