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not for a of my friends texted me at work today because Lazy Boy is having a sale and she was pretty sure she saw a red leather sofa on the commercial.  I happen to want a red leather sofa.  On the way home today, I stopped in.  They are having a huge sale and I just happened to see a burgundy leather sofa that is gorgeous. Leather all around, their top grade of leather and very firm, but soft cushions. I really am so tempted. I really wanted a dark red and not a burgundy....but, it's really pretty.  Did i want it right now? no. wanted to replace the carpet first. so, do i buy it?  I probably wouldn't see this same deal again. it's about 40% off.  is it worth the extra work when removing the carpet from the floor to have a sofa i plan to keep (was planning to discard my old one)  wanted it in the store, now can't make up my mind

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Personally, I'd not want a red sofa. Burgundy, yes!

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Will you be happy dropping some serious cash, even at 40% off and not getting exactly the color you want?


Plan your project. Get some leather swatches you really do love and take them with you when looking at flooring. 


I would do my flooring first so I don't have to relocate a brand new sofa while there is work going on. 

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Yes the deal is a good one; however, it isn’t the color you really want.  You may initially like it but if you see a red one, that may be the end !


Think:  why was red your number one choice ?  To go with something you already have ?  Is it always your first Preference ( I have a good friend who feels this way about pink....fridge, dishes, kitchen appliances, accessories, etc.)


Burgundy is not red.  You love and want red.....


a deal is only a much more will the red one cost if you can find it online at a reputable dealer ?  Life is too short to settle.


I have given away more things in my lifetime that I have settled for.  No more...





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I love LayZboy.


 I have a recliner sofa (not red leather) and DH has a recliner


If you love it get it! 

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@graciesmom1003, the question to ask yourself is will you regret it next week or when the sale is over or when they sell it to someone else.    If you love it and think that you will be happy with it for the long term, then get it.  The carpet people can move it when you get your new flooring.

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When I decide on a color and buy a different color, I end up replacing the other color.  If you could be happy with the sale color and not think I wanted red every time you look at it, go for it.  

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Don't know what area you live in but I saw a red leather sectional at Kanes in Florida.  So tempted but not sure I will love red for years.  The sectional is gorgeous to look at. if interested.  They are having a sale also but not sure of their price.

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@graciesmom1003: La-z-boy has sales all the time. Figure on 8-10 weeks for your sofa to be made (in the USA) and delivered. maybe that will help you to decide.


A red sofa! As opposed to a more neutral color with red throw and pillows?

Even on sale, you are talking $$$$, so only get what you want.