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~ stopped using my dishwasher ~

I got a new dishwasher about 3 years ago, and basically I like it. But, 3 times since I got it the hose has clogged and water comes out of that little stand up thing with the hole in it. Water went all over the place. What a mess. The first time I had the plumber come and they cleaned it out. It worked fine for awhile. Then it clogged up again, and this time I had literally been virtually washing the dishes by hand so nothing would clog the hose. The plumber came, and this time he put a new hose on it. That worked for awhile, I continued to practically wash the dishes by hand and it did it again! I've had it. I'm not using it anymore. I live alone so there's not many dishes (I rarely cook), and I'm doing them all by hand now.

Anyone have any ideas what is going on? Many thanks ....