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Available in a variety of finishes at Ethan Allen.


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Beautifully done.

Pretty piece.

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Now this spoke to my heart so I had to do it.


Amish dude built it for me. So over mass produced stuff.

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It's very pretty but not my style.

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I like it

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Alice in Wonderland bed....I would purchase for a teen age daughter.

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I had a canopy bed from 8-18 I like a clean headboard and that's about it.

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Re: "Quincy" Bed

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Beautiful. However, I love cleaner lines and have never cared for painted wood furniture. I love the natural grain and the patina as a fine wood ages. 

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@Snowpuppy  That bed is striking!  The Amish make the most beautiful furniture, don't they?  Such quality!

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Most of my furniture is Ethan Allen in their light finishes.  Their furniture is built to last; always of excellent quality.