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Intrepid blogger "Cote de Texas" did a search of the first house that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner lived in, back when they were together.


It's a darling 1929 Brentwood house with a real show biz history.  But what struck "Cote",  (and me as well), was how down-to-earth and cozy it was for a pedigreed Hollywood dwelling.





Such a cute living room they had, designed by the always 'liveable' Peter Dunham:






Another room in their old house, presumably a den:




A charmer.


"Cote" was funny.  She was lamenting that it's so hard to find unpretentious houses in that stratosphere.  


To show the opposite approach to "home",   she contrasted that house with just the foyer of the fabled, Aaron and Candy Spelling house.  She said that the rekindled couple of Affleck and now, Jennifer Lopez, have recently toured that house which is currently for sale.  I had never seen it, so was interested to check out the entry, whoa:




Only "Cote" can pull together the panoply of pictures and fascinating history like this-- and it goes on and on!






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@Oznell  I love the coziness of the "old movie star house."  I wonder what old movie star owned it. 

The cold opulence of the Spelling photo is kinda creepy to me.  I can't imagine actually living there. 

Love your posts!

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I love the cozy house that Jen and Ben lived in. I might change some of the fabrics but the house itself is just right.

Now the Spelling house is the total opposite. It is stunning but there is nothing warm and cozy about it.

I never think of Warm and Cozy when I think of the Spellings so it actually fits them perfectly.

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Perfect contrast between Jen and JLo.  Jen is a warm down to earth Mom and JLo, well she's JLo

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I think the comparison of the two homes is really not a good representation ... like comparing apples and oranges.  Did the article happen to compare the square footages of the two homes?


The reason I say this is because, from what I can see,  the Ben & Jen home was built for comfortable living.


The Spelling home was built for a wealthy person who entertains a LOT.   Aaron Spelling had so many successful series going in his heyday that he could never take a break and take a vacation.  He didn't have a yacht, or even a second home, if I recall correctly.  He rarely travelled, so he decided to spend all that "vacation money" on a home that he could enjoy every day of his life.  


Makes sense to me.


That home sits on a hill overlooking Holmby Park, where I would walk several times a week, so I'm very familiar with the area.  Spelling's widow, Candy, sold it to a Russian heiress, who later sold it to someone else.   


If you had a big, successful career which required a lot of entertaining, your needs with be different than most people.


Nice photos, Oznell ... thanks.

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@MoJoV I spent my first 62 years in So.Cal. and still consider myself a Californian. Years ago in the magazine supplement of the Los Angeles Times there was a photo spread of quite a bit of the Spelling house. Very unappealing and cold IMO. 

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Sweet house and before I even got to your remarks about the Spelling house @Oznell, I was prepared to bet that Lopez wouldn't settle for anything as down to earth as the Garner house. 

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I prefer the first house and would only change out the den sofa.


I grew up in a cold house and felt "color deprived" when I was older and looking back.

I began putting color together at age 6 by collecting items around my grandmother's house and creating displays.

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Even if I were a star, I'd want a cozy home. 

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@AuntG wrote:

Even if I were a star, I'd want a cozy home. 

I really like Ben & Jen's house!   


Betty White had a really nice home - very cozy and understated.   I'll try to find the pictures of it or you can google.  I was actualy very impressed to see that was where she lived.  Just a really good house.