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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding

Thanks for posting, it is fun to see how others decorate.

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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding

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IMO, sometimes it's okay to just comment "thanks for sharing" even if it's not your taste intead of debating how manufacturers, retailers or designers name their collections. 


Or you can also choose to not comment instead of commenting how much you hate or despise every single decor/design post.  


I am not interesting in ordering this bedding, but I know that there are people who "might" be interested, so for them I take the time to post something that they might be looking for.  



@lolakimono  I'm a bit curious what prompted this? I guess I'm not seeing any debate about naming, unless a post was deleted... As someone else who tends to post a good bit on the home forum I do understand about the appreciation for the 'thanks for posting' acknowledgements and also about some of the somewhat hyperbolic 'the most awful thing I've ever seen in my entire life' posts, but, well, just curious...


The usual suspects.


If I post "Midnight in Manhattan" from a designer, someone will jump on and say "that reads more NAVY to my eye" or "I lived in Manhattan in 1984 and I never saw anything decorated like that. " 


If someone is not interested in "coastal" bedding, then why comment just to say that it is ugly, juvenile, or that someone is not a fan of themes?


If I see a thread called "Brick Mantel" I don't jump on to say that I think brick is outdated or ugly, or it reminds me of the 70s.  


I open threads all the time, and if I don't think I can comment anything to move the discussion forward or say something that hasn't already been said, then I close the thread.


I get a lot of NOPE, UGLY, and the like, but I think there are some who will probably never like anything, and that just comes off "curmudgeonly" to me.  I feel like it insults the posters who DO like it or want to see something different when the comment is "HIDEOUS." 


I wouldn't have all of the things that I share here in my home, but I try to find things that I think people would like to discuss. I am always surprised when people zoom in and see something that I didn't see, for instance. Sort of like the Rorschach tests or hidden images.   I am interested to see the trends and look at things that have been repurposed or have a "custom" feel to the home.  

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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding

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@lolakimono  It can definitely be an education... Often, I'll post something around which I think there will be near uniform agreement and either it proves to garner lots of different opinions or the agreement is in the exact opposite direction I expected... And yep, it's always interesting both to see what others take away from the posts and to note what details are gleaned from posts... I think because most home decor posts elicit opinions, the perception was probably that this bedding post, was intended to do the same, when it's now clear you intended it pretty much for those interested in coastal bedding... Again, thanks for all you do here and elsewhere...

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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding

If I ever won the lottery I would definitely love a home on the beach. Fantasy dream!


Of the ones you posted, I like the seagulls best.  I would use that one on my bed. I think the boats would be cute in a child's room. I don't like the second one. 

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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding



 I agree there are a few here that like to use very dramatic adjectives to describe their feeling about a room.  Some rooms have been "an assault to the eyes" and I have even seen those who a picture makes them "want to vomit"!   Those are so far out there that I can't help but laugh. When you think of how that sounds and the fact it's  just a picture of a room, it does (at least for me) crack me up at times.  Still, I have to admit, these people making the rude remarks do seem to have the "grumpies".  I don't think they are very happy campers.   



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Re: "Coastal Living" Bedding

I live in a cottage on a lake in upper Michigan. I decorate very beachy. I recently discovered The Company Store and love their products! I just received a beautiful quilt yesterday! I highly recommend this store! Heart

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