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ordered my new maytag side by side fridge at a great savings & thank you all for your advisements!

i finally decided and ordered my maytag side by side refrigerator, and thank everyone for their previous advisements.

it was a tough decision between french doors or side by side, but this side by side was just the right size, sale price of a little above $1,400.00, with 10% off, and i ordered it in person, at the above price.

i did do comparison price shopping and it was being sold for the highest price of $1,800+ elsewhere, but the price i paid with an additional 10% off was the lowest, with the additional 10% off, with free delivery and haul away if needed.

i supplied the link below which was the only link which displays everything about my maytag fridge, but not where i made my purchase, and anyone who wishes to view it can copy and paste to be taken to that page at ajmadison for an in depth evaluation. when the page loads click on the image of the refrigerator to make it larger and then you will see a 2nd page with larger sizing, and you may click on each picture to view in depth photo's of all features.

merry christmas to me from hubby, now i am sitting back and doing my happy dance because the search for the perfect fridge is finally over, and i was told this is one of maytag's newest models with stainless steel front with ss handles, and gray sides, not the usual black sides like other maytag refrigerators.Smiley Happy.

please feel free to reply, and again happy holidays to all, and many thanks for all your help.

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