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Re: cozy city apartment view

The view is nice but too much of a modern vibe for me....Also I DO hope they have an elevator and not stairs....but ya never know with city apartments....

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Re: cozy city apartment view

@faeriemoon wrote:

You know, there may very well be shades or blinds hidden in the woodwork. Most people don't even know I have Roman shades on all my windows because when they are rolled up, they are virtuallyinvisible. 

@faeriemoon That's what I was thinking...those valance-looking things over the windows could easily be concealing shades. I have something similar in my kitchen. Mine is a little more "obvious", but still not really noticeable until I lower the shades.


Drapes aren't the only way to cover a window...and not every window needs covering, in my opinion. We lived for many years without any window coverings in our LR & MBR. We're on a very wooded lot, the windows are very high off the ground, and our view of a large pond through the trees is beautiful. But now we are retired, so home more, and the afternoon sun in those west facing windows bothers us, so we recently hung curtains. Never would have if not for the sun!

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Re: cozy city apartment view

@vermint I feel the same way about window treatments.  

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Re: cozy city apartment view

It is cozy and I love the view.  The sky even matches the interior!

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Re: cozy city apartment view

Quite a view!  I can't handle heights, I wonder how I would feel being there?

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Re: cozy city apartment view

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I'm not sure, but if you look above the windows/doors there are what look like brown casings for shades or curtains.  So there's that.  Also, in the distance there appears to be a river possibly within walking distance.  All pluses for me.


I'd just furnish it differently.


ETA:  I found it!  It's a 13 million dollar penthouse.  See more views.

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Re: cozy city apartment view

@PuppyLoverBob666 wrote:

@Sooner wrote:

Would not be for me.  I like to get outside too much with grass and trees and such.


The two aren't mutually exclusive.



True. Many of us who live in high-rise condos or apartments live across the street from a lake or adjacent to a park or two.