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It looks....tired.

Odd to have clear plexiglass legs for the stools in the background.

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I'm not a fan of the farmhouse chic (or whatever they're calling it today) look and this is farmhouse chic on steroids.  I do like the hanging light fixtures above the island and the back splash that goes up the whole wall.  

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Remove those uncomfortable looking stools, and that odd centerpiece, and it would look much better.......

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I like the color palate, but it seems to me they can't decide if they are going with rustic or elegant. The two don't really mix in my world! LOL

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Some nice elements, but overall, meh... A few changes and it could really shine...

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I like it except for the backless seating, not comfortable in my opinion.

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Love that light fixture. Kitchen is rather drab but I like most of what is pictured.

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It’s just OK 🙃

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I like it . It is calm and warm. A nice change from all the industrial look.  


I truly love the planters on the table. Would love to find them for myself.

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I like the plants and the ceiling beams. 😂