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@Ms tyrion2 wrote:

I like it . It is calm and warm. A nice change from all the industrial look.  


I truly love the planters on the table. Would love to find them for myself.

I love the planters too.  Martha Stewart used to sell a faux bois planter here, but it isn't available anymore.  Amazon has a good variety (including the MS one).  If you put wood planter faux bois in the Amazon search box, a lot come up. : )

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Re: Wood Toned Kitchen

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I really like this kitchen.  I would need one big pop of color. I like the idea of a big dough bowl in the center of the table, filled with some colorful fruit.  If I wanted to stick with the greens, I would probably stick with green pears or green apples.  Faux red apples, oranges, yellow pears, or even a mix of all would work. I think I see a dough bowl on the counter top.  

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For the most part I like it.

Not a fan of ornate type vent hoods or open shelving.


Love the beams, metal hanging light over the table, the white cabinetry, island & the window on the back wall.