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Re: Why does this stink?

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I agree with others.  I have a HE top loading machine and I always leave the lid up and the detergent/fabric dispenser pulled out.  About every couple of months, I pull the detergent/fabric dispenser out and wash it with hot soapy water in the sink.  I have no more funky smells since I started doing this.  I also run the self cleaning feature and throw in a cup of white vinegar. 


The machine I have now has a fabric softener dispenser that you cannot take out, not even pull the top off of it. To clean it out I put a wet washcloth or paper towels over a screw driver and get in the opening and as best I can wipe it around in there till I get any built up residue cleaned out..Then I bend Q tips to wipe out around top just under the opening. It's stupid. Never had one before where you couldn't easily clean it. For that reason I don't use it often.

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Re: Why does this stink?

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I have a Whirlpool W/D set that is 24 yrs old, top loader.  I always leave the lid open.  I use baking soda and hot setting when washing my kitchen linen.  That might be why I have no odor.  I use All, free & clear detergent, no fragrance.  Never use fabric softener.  I also have a water softener which might make a difference, I don't know.


My dryer is like new.  Hardly use it.  Laundry goes outside and when not possible, on a portable dryer bought from the Q Smiley Happy  Sheets, always outside, no matter the cold.

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Re: Why does this stink?


I am still pondering your problem.  You sound like you have been very persistent in trying different methods and dedicated to cleaning the various areas that usually create issues.


To me there is water sitting somewhere and not draining or perhaps even a slight clog in a hidden filter somewhere. 


Can you move your machine to check for leakage underneath or behind the washer?


Does your machine allow you to do an independent high spin?  If so try that a day or so after not using the machine and listen to see if the machine still expels some water.


Have you checked the level of your machine? If it not level water may be sitting somewhere you cannot see.


I am like a dog with a bone.  One of my actions would also be to call the manufacturer and discuss with them.  If you have the continuing problem I am sure other consumers do also. They may have additional information.

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Re: Why does this stink?

Sure leave the lid open but you have to address where the smell is coming from first!! Back in the ancient days, I had a top loader and mold and slime accumulated under the rubber seal at the top of the machine. You have to get a toothbrush with cleaner and bleach and scrub out all of the ******. I have a HE front loader now and never have any type of odor problem.

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Re: Why does this stink?


Have you checked the ledge around the top of the basket? Debris and dirty water can settle there and get kind of funky. Mine doesn't stink right now, but I better take care if it before it does.