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White Slipcovers

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I've been seeing a lot of rooms with white slip covers lately. I don't think it's something I would choose to do. 


It's obviously a way to cover up your old sofas and definitely less expensive than buying new furniture. Maybe some people are covering their printed or colorful sofas to get that neutral minimalist look that's been out there for awhile?


Here are a few photos I found. What do you think? Do you use white slipcovers? 



The beautiful view definitely adds some color to the space. Not loving the pillows and coffee table though. 



I kind of like the neutral vibe with the darker pillows, but it still needs a bit more color pop for me. I don't understand the table pushed up against the furniture at all. 




I like the wall color, pillows, & colorful accessories with the white slipcovers. Looks like a light, fun, & cheery space. I'd probably select fewer but larger artwork to replace all the smaller ones. 




The shades of aqua and blue, along with the shells, give this room a beachy vibe. If I had a place near the beach it would be nice to decorate like this. Plus, the slipcovers would protect my furniture from sand and sunscreen. 




The floor & windows are beautiful! I also like the ceiling, pillows, fireplace, and shelves. I like greenery, but I don't care for the choice of the cuttings in the vases, or their placement on the mantel. I'd prefer a few plants in pots. I also don't like the coffee table, dark pink throw, yellow print on the chair, or the curtains. 




I like this one a lot. I love the architecture of the room. The fireplace, built-ins, and floor are very nice. I like the blue printed pillows and most of the accessories. 


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@wilma I've never ever liked white furniture and that includes slip covers.

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I love all of these rooms as I am a more neutral color person.

I really like the look of white slipcovers and many homes in my area have them. 

The problem is we have family here for a good part of the year and they would last about 1 day with my little grandsons running around with cookies and candy, running in from the pool, coming in and throwing themselves on the sofa after a sweaty bike ride in the summer...I don't think I could even sit on white and be confident it would stay clean.

I don't see white slipcovers or even very light furniture in my futureWoman Happy

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Aren't white slip covers for the very casual life (i.e. beach homes, cabins, etc.)? For those who need something easy to clean?

From what I've seen (in CA relative's second homes), they simply launder those slip covers when necessary. It saves having to replace their furniture during those months of entertaining guests with families who love to frolic on the beach and enjoy their boats.

Once the guest season is over, the slip covers are removed and they are able to enjoy their furniture again.  

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My family has used slipcovers since I was a child.  They were put on after Spring cleaning and stayed on until Fall cleaning and it gave a fresh, light look and a different perspective without changing any furniture.


I have had custom slipcovers made in white to cover my living room furniture during the warmer months and to change the look of the room, easily and quickly.  A pleasure with children, off in the washer, all fuss, no muss!  I would not purchase any furniture that was only slipcovered.

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@wilma,  pretty pictures, and I totally agree with @Somertime --  nicely tailored slipcovers are charming.


When they're well done, they give a jaunty, carefree look to a room. 


For the many people who love the ethereal look of white couches, but not the hazards and the maintenance, white or cream slipcovers are ideal.   So practical!   Your pet, your child, your guest who spills their tea--  no problem.  Whisk them off, wash (you can even bleach them if you have to),  and slip them on.  A way of having upholstery that always looks fresh.


I don't have them now, but I've had white ones in the past, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, and we absolutely loved them-- washed like a dream, and looked airy and great with our living room colors....

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I love white slip covers but I don't have them.  I wonder if jeans leave blue marks on them like they do on my light colored leather car seats.  

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The problem with white is the cleaning.  I think they look good in a room but if you have a large family this is not a good choice.

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White slip covers and/or furniture = no pets or children.

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Re: White Slipcovers

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Not my thing - nor are most white things.  I like color too much.

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