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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?

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Another thing that cracks me up on house hunters - just a couple - no kids - and the home has 2 bathrooms. However , they can't even consider buying this house because there is only one sink in the master BR and they both have to get ready for work in the morning. So - I guess it is way to far for one of them to actually walk down a hall to the other BR - and it would be unspeakable for one of them to get up 10 min earlier to get done in there first.

@151949  Well, folks used to have to go outside to go to the bathroom and we don't do that any more.  I guess that's a sensible alternative isn't it?  Is there anything wrong with wanting 2 sinks and a little room to get ready before you start your day?  I don't see anything morally wrong about that or indicting a lack of character is someone. . . I sure wouldn't look down on someone for wanting two sinks. . . 

@Sooner. Like you I see no problem with people wanting what they want. Everyone has different wants, styles and priorities. With that said, what some people don't know as they keep bringing it up, the show it scripted. The house hunters have already purchased their home and are reading a script they are given. Like actors who make a movie.


I've mentioned this before, but people still think it is real. It is not. Some silly drama has to be created. So unless posters know real people in their lives that do this, I don't see the point of putting these "actors" down. Who would ever really care how many sinks someone wants?

Hi @proudlyfromNJ yes and it has been mentioned so many times here (that House Hunters is completely made up) - I think some just want to bash on people who like different things or nicer things.


They just want to justify not doing any updating or that they don't have what others enjoy.

These shows are just guides as to what is available today. It's interesting.


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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?

My daughter's bathroom had a shower, a tub and a toilet all in separate cubby holes, 2 vanities on separate walls and towel warmers....25 years ago!


I can't imagine building a 1,200sq home including the garage.

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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?

I like the idea of a larger bathroom especially having the toilet and a sink in a separate room in the bathroom.  Cat Tongue

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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?

Our house is not big, 2000 sf. It is our down sized retirement place. One of my favorite things about this house is the very large master bedroom and bath. I love that both hubby and I can be getting ready at the same time and have lots of room. I love that we have windows in our bathroom. I love that I can have a sit down vanity. The only thing I would do different in our bath would be to eliminate the jacuzzi tub and expand the shower. In the 17 plus years we've lived here I think I've taken 5 baths and DH zero baths. I do love a spacious bathroom. I like having room to place all my needs.

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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?

@Andrewsgrandma - see , everyone is different. When we are at home my DH has the shower all to himself because I much prefer to take a bath in my large tub. I have a bad back and soaking in my tub is very relaxing on my back muscles. 

We looked at some model homes that had only showers and immediately wrote them off. I NEED a tub.

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Re: When did bathrooms get to be so over the top?



I love watching those shows. House Hunters, Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop. I do have to admit that sometimes when I am watching House hunters I think to myself good lord these people are annoying with the constant complaints. I then try to correct myself and remember that they are spending a lot of money and you should have what you want if you are spending a  couple of hundred thousand dollars for a home.