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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

No.  We buy very basic appliances.  I'm not picky that they are all the same brand, so when we need to buy a new one, I buy the cheapest one that has what I want on it and has decent ratings.  Our $300 dryer is 8 years old, and when it dies, I will likely get another one just like it.  We buy basic top freezer refrigerators as we have another refrigerator in the garage.  People spend so much money on appliances--things that seem to break easily and cost a lot to repair.  I guess it must be worth it to them.  I prefer to have no debt and see that money in the bank.  That being said, a washer is one thing that tends to be problematic.  I have a brand that's not promoted or discussed much--a Fisher & Pakel made in New Zealand.  That thing is 16 years old and still going strong.  It has no transmission, which is probably why.  When it dies, I will either buy another or buy a Speed Queen, as I've heard a lot of good things about them, and I think they make a washer with a slightly larger tub than the F&P.

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

Never bought a warranty for any appliance. And never regretted it.


But when my neighbor's GE refrigerator's compressor went in 6 months, it made me wonder if I should rethink my strategy. 

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

No, I don't


I don't buy high maintenance appliances and I use a handyman with years of experience.

An icemaker doesn't cost much and is fairly easy to install.   Hire a local handyman.  You can probably have it replaced for less than $200


If you buy the warranty you have to use their servicemen.

I'd rather use my guy, he's never done me wrong



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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

I had not until I moved into my newly built home last year.  As someone else said, so many things are not meant to last any more than 8-10 years.  Such a shame.


I bought mine directly from the manufacturer (GE).  The tech came out to my home, gathered the information and gave me my quote.  Done.  He also showed me some things/issues to be aware of so I can, hopefully, extend the use of my appliances.  


I just had to place a call because my oven was not calibrating correctly.  All covered under warranty.  For me, it's just peace of mind.

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...



yes it must be because both sons have bought extended warranties on appliances purchased there & have needed to use it.  No out of pocket fees & they've gotten repairs done.



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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

We often do, and it has paid off big time for us. I bought it on a stove once, and it needed repaired several times. Same thing for a freezer, it needed serviced like a half a dozen times. 


With both of them, just the first service call would have cost more than the warranty did. 


Many years ago, back in the early 80's I bought a kerosene heater that we needed as our only source of heat in a small apartment when first starting out. The extended warranty included all service, including new wicks. We really made out on that one too. 


I don't buy it on every item/appliance, as I weigh the cost of a new one and the likelihood of the item breaking. Not sure how much they are costing on some things now, but the ones we bought were really cheap, relative to the money saved from repeat repairs.

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

Normally my husband says it's not worth the money to get the extended warranty but I may have changed his mind on that. The last time we needed a new refrigerator he was sick so I went alone to buy it. The salesman talked me in to the extended warranty. Just before that warranty was about to end the compressor in the refrigerator died. Thankfully because of the warranty it was replaced free of charge and we've gotten several more years use out of that refrigerator. 

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

@Deeva wrote:

No. These warranties are pure profit for the companies selling them. 
My neighbor had an extended warranty on a fridge. It stopped working and the repair company spent six weeks ordering different parts that never fixed the  problem. 
The neighbor got tired of waiting and bought a new fridge. 

I had an issue with my frig a year after it was purchased.  They tried repairing it but in the end GAVE ME A BRAND NEW FRIG.  They also covered $250 of food items that were lost (thankfully I had the receipts, which I keep for a 6 mo period).  

If this were 30 years ago I would probably say no (except for the frig) but in today's world, and the way companies manufacture things  to last under 10 years,  I would say YES to big/expensive items....   or try to get the warranty thrown in if you are purchaing several large appliances from a store.

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Re: When Buying a New Major Appliance...

If you pay with a credit card, the credit card benefits have longer warranties, look in your credit card brochure, some do some don't.  We have price match protection and we get the difference if it goes on sale within 6 months.