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What would you do- house sale

This is a situation going on with our friends - we had a good laugh about it last night as we talked about it last night.  What would you do?


Our friends just sold their house, the new buyers are the stuff sitcoms are made of-they are AWFUL, rude and arrogant.  Prior to the sale they had a history of sending the inspector or plumbers at the "wrong date/time" and expecting everyone to accommodate them.  They wanted huge discounts on the sale price because the house XYZ. 

Threatened to not come to closing unless XYZ.....

The list goes on.  

Our friends the home sellers have all the manuals to every appliance and utility in the house,  along with detailed house maintenance records.  

The question is......

Would YOU give this info to the new owners of the house?    



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Re: What would you do- house sale

Yes. I'd go out with my head held high.

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Re: What would you do- house sale

I would say.........NEXT!!!!    Give them their deposit back and I would move on.

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Re: What would you do- house sale

Yes I would if I sold them the house. You shouldn't have to deal with them any further.

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Re: What would you do- house sale

Withholding the manuals makes them like the buyers.  Petty to even think it. 



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Re: What would you do- house sale

Not until every closing statement is signed.  I'd leave them in the house.  I hate hearing stories like this.  My neighbor had a buyer like that.

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Re: What would you do- house sale

When we sold our previous house we left all the appliance manuals and phone numbers we used for different services on the kitchen counter.  We also left a few "helpful hints" regarding pool maintenance, septic service, lawn and garden maintence, etc.


We loved our house and wanted the new owners to have all that info to keep things in tip top shape both for their family, and the other neighbors who had to look at the house and property.



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Re: What would you do- house sale

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After selling real estate for many years, I would say that there is an obnoxious seller somewhere in the world for every obnoxious buyer somewhere else.  Sometimes both wind up in the same transaction.  Good luck to both of them in that situation.


Being obnoxious in a business transaction is a choice, and if it makes someone feel better, well ............I guess I don't understand that, especially when so much money is involved. No  money  or house changes hands until BOTH obnoxious parties show up at the closing table.


Best to be cooperative and accommodating in these situations if anyone cares about a successful conclusion.  If the transaction falls apart, both parties  face the possibility that the NEXT house or human they have to deal with will be worse.


And I have to ask......what will the departing seller do with all those appliance manuals  if not left for the new owners, anyway?



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Re: What would you do- house sale

Yes, I would leave them on the kitchen counter. Any fixes, negotiations takes place before closing. If the sellers didn't agree to anything put forth, they could have walked away from the deal just like the buyers could have during the inspection time line. Leave the manuals and be done with the roobs.

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Re: What would you do- house sale

Manuals to appliances are so easy to find online.  Why not leave them?  Either way, they can always find out what they want.  It would never enter my mind to take them.