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Re: What 'THEY' say is important in reselling a home

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We sold our home in August 2015, South Texas so it is hot. A must, a good working central AC. We took $15,000 and every weekend I would paint a room until I had the whole house painted, painters wanted $3000 and we weren't doing the ceilings and there was not much to paint as each bedroom had a brick wall as well as the living room, the kitchen was huge but again very little to paint since it was in the center of the house. We also pulled the carpet from bedrooms and living room and had tile installed. We hired someone to paint the house and we landscaped the yard. We redid the guest bathroom and updated all the fixtures in all the house including the lighting. House sold in one week.


We did the opposite....was my parents home....both had passed away.  My father had done a new roof about 3yrs ago....AC/Heating....about 5yrs prior.  Us kids didn't do anything else...home was VERY dated...35yr old carpet thur out....original kitchen/bathroom cabinets and tile.  Wallpaper in several bedrooms and the hallway...even on the ceiling in hallway! OMGoodness....both were heavy smokers...lived in that home for over 45yrs.  Priced it right....sold in 1 week!  


What a relief....none of us had the time or energy to re-do a home to sell.  I was so glad to have that done....pure joy!!  So it's not always necessary to sink alot of cash in a home to sell it....other homes in the area were getting 5 to 10K more then we got with more updates....BUT we would have needed to gut the entire place....cost would have been much more then 10k.  I think one must make best choice based on present situtation and there isn't a one size fits all.