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Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

Good morning everyone. I did a search for this topic and the newest post I saw was 2017πŸ€”.

Anyway, what advice do you have? My Kenmore Elite HE is almost 14 years old and due for a repair. I am thinking of replacing and would appreciate your advice.

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

I have a Maytag HE washer that is top loading, no agitator. I’ve had it for several years and have been very happy with it. 

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

I have a Whirlpool top loader. There isn't much I like about it. It uses VERY LITTLE water. I have had clothing come out after going through all the cycles completely dry.  And if you wash sheets or towels often the washer goes out of balance. BUT you can't open the door because it is locked. And then it spins the clothing so much that everything is wrinkled and twisted with all the other clothes.


Whirlpool make many of the other washer brands. I wish you good luck. And hope you like your washer whatever one you pick. I seem to end up going to the laundromat often just to do wash now. They have Speed Queen front loaders. But I am not about to spend that kind of money to buy a commercial washer. I already checked it out.


But since washers don't last long, I figure since I had this washer about 2 years, I will be in the market for a new one in a few years.



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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

I have a Maytag Centennial. If you see one in Lowe's or Home Depot, RUN, don't walk, away from it. It is possibly the worst washer I've ever owned. It is top loading with an agitator, but if you wash towels, or sheets, or jeans, it gets off balance, and makes a horrible banging noise, and the washer will actually move about the area about 6-8 inches. 

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

I've had an LG front loader for about 11 years, and love it.  The only caveat is that I dry out the soap tray and front gasket after every use, and leave the door open when not in use.  Front loaders can develop mold.  Still, I love my machine.  


As an aside, I purchased an LG dryer at the same time, along with a bracket that allowed me to stack my two full size units.  This opened up space in my small laundry room without sacrificing space in the appliances!  Win/Win for me.

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

I had a  he  front loader, it just was not good, i bought a speed queen top loader ,just love it.

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

[ Edited ]

The best washer up until 2018 was the Speed Queen commercial top loader.  It was made like the old Maytags.  Speed Queen changed its models for 2018 to meet U.S. water saving regulations.  Now, it is one of the worst.


Maytag introduced a new model in 2018, the MVWP575GW Maytag residential commercial top loader with agitator.  This washer is very much like the old Maytags.  It fills up with water.  It's actually the same as those Maytag makes for laundromats except for residential use.  They are built for heavy use.  Parts are made of metal unlike the plastic found in other manufacturers. There's a 10 year limited warranty and 5 year warranty on labor and all parts. 


There are several reviews and full demonstrations of this washer on Youtube. 


You will have to go to a Maytag dealer to get it.  Not sold at Lowes or Home Depot.  


If you are looking for a washer with a lot of bells and whistles and a large tub, this isn't for you.  But, if you want a basic well built washer that cleans and lasts a long time, you might want to look into this one.  There's a matching dryer.  

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

Oh heck, @Lilysmom , I went cheap four years ago and got a Hotpoint top loader.  It's HE, has an agitator, you can stop and start it anywhere in the cycle, has manual controls, does my king sized bedding, and only cost $300.


If the water level is not to my liking I can adjust the load size up, and if I am on max load size I just don't overload.  Sometimes I "size up" for the wash fill and then back down for the rest.


I use just a tiny amount of Mrs Meyers detergent.  We have some very dirty clothes here and I am more than satisfied with the outcome.  Like any machine I own, I try to understand how to use it best, and after research I've concluded this is just the right one for me.  Will it last?  Don't know.  But there is a GE repairman in my area if necessary.


It's also not gigantic, which is good, because neither is my laundry room.


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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

The only advice I have on this topic is that what type of washer people get depends heavily on their needs and uses. 


I personally don't want any HE type machine. I want full fill, hot water options, and a top loader only. My choices are based on the fact we have no water shortages (have our own artesian well) to cause issues or cost. And I have guys in my house that have very dirty clothing (farming, mechanic, machinist). I need to fill the tub and soak things fully oftentimes. I want to be able to get into the machine during cycles. Not everyone has those same desires. 


I'd just suggest really analyzing your needs and how you use a machine, if you really want or need all the bazillions of options they have now, or if simpler is better for you, before making a final decision.


Good luck on the search and let us know what you choose.

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Re: Washing Machine Replacement HE or Top Load Advice Pls

@ Lilysmom
If repairs are available and price acceptable, I would recommend repair.
My old Kenmore Elite did a great job washing and I think beats my replacements. My elite LG died at 4 years and it was toploader HE. (Parts difficult to get) Since LG was expensive I went to GE HE less expensive but wash more rough on clothes than Oldie. I do like That I can add more water.