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Image may contain Furniture Room Living Room Indoors Chair Interior Design Table Rug and Fireplace

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@jubilant White furniture is a huge NO for me. 

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Re: Warm and Creamy

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Seriously ugly furniture. I have always had white/beige sofas but this does nothing for me style wise. 

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A little too creamy?😬

I do like the grey ottomanSmiley Happy

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Re: Warm and Creamy

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the room is begging for a big oriental rug!



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Too vanilla for me!
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The only thing I would change is to add color in the furnishings, lovely toom!

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Elegant and serene.  Love that gilt mirror!  Fabulous way to bounce the light from the windows all around, too.

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Even enlarging the picture it's hard to see much detail here but there appear to be some pretty elements. I find it, overall, to be a reasonably appealing room, but yes, too much white for me and I happen to like white. Agree with @Bhvbum, a colorful rug might make a big difference...

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I love this room.  I have always owned a white or cream sofa because it lightens up the room. This room is neutral, refined, and welcoming.