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Everything I've ever read about St. Helena, California sounds appealling, including its Victorian houses.  Turreted ones especially.




Jay Jeffers is a designer whose clients had a Victorian there, but they preferred a more modern aesthetic inside. 


What to do?   The exterior was meticulously respected, and all the lovely interior architecture was retained, but with modern touches in furniture and accessories.


This stunning sitting room is my favorite.   That pervasive blue, in a satiny finish, love.  Complements the old tile in fireplace.   But it's the mood of this little corner!   Those distressed mirrors, the comfortable facing seating, the glinting bottles on the mantle along with an unusual array of candlesticks.   The room exudes personality.




The brief for the house was also to include a lot of neutrals, with black-and-white a recurring theme.  I like it here in the kitchen, which refreshingly, isn't huge.  Also, the vintage-looking beadboard backsplash, the corner glass-fronted cupboard, and the modest-size island.  Nothing overdone.



Caramel leather chairs in breakfast nook are contemporary, but comfortable.  I actively dislike the spidery light fixture over this table below!  Easy fix.   But, the actual vintage architecture was respected throughout the house-- the wainscoting was all retained, and all the door frames in the house retain their original 19th century rosettes at the top, like on the door at the left of this image.  There are also original transom windows over certain doors, too. 




I'm guessing most people would like this big, square sun porch the best, (but my heart still belongs to that mysterious, almost 'Henry Jamesian' blue sitting room.)  But gosh, this is a great indoor-outdoor space, one that is often hard to come by in Victorian houses--




Here you can see how the sun porch addition melds so seamlessly with the older architecture of the house, right down to the little suggestion of a cupola on top...



It's neat that Jay Jeffers shows how to preserve the bones and some of the spirit of 19th century houses, even for families who want to live in a modern way.

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@Oznell , thanks for sharing.  The home is lovely inside and out.

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Do you know how they achieved that beautiful satiny sheen finish in the blue sitting room, whether it is a certain type of paint used or if it involves a technique, @Oznell  ?  I like the interior vintage architecture that was retained.  Also like the exterior.  Thanks.


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So lovely......I love victorian homes.

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This is so beautiful, thanks so much for sharing the pics! I love it!

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@QVCisFun,  I love that finish too, but at Jay Jeffers' site, they didn't identify the paint or the technique.  At least, I couldn't find it.  It might simply be the "satin" finish of a recognizable paint color,  but I wish I knew!

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@Oznell wrote:

@QVCisFun,  I love that finish too, but at Jay Jeffers' site, they didn't identify the paint or the technique.  At least, I couldn't find it.  It might simply be the "satin" finish of a recognizable paint color,  but I wish I knew!

@Oznell @QVCisFun 


The paint is Benjamin Moore" Gentleman's Gray" described in the book as a blackened blue. Benjamin Moore descibes it as a blackened teal blue.

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I love the distressed mirrors, Sun Room, and Pool area.

The Sun Room is in need of a few tall leafy green plants.IMO

The kitchen is just OK for me. 

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The house exterior is very well done!  I'd have to change up the interior quite a bit.  It appears that most really like the living room but that's my least favorite room of those posted.  I don't care for the furnishings and that paint is coming off harsh to me.  

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Wow, @tiny 2 !   Thank you for coming up with the name of the paint!   I tend to love "blackened blues".


How did you find out?  Do you have one of Jay Jeffers' decorating books?