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Re: Vintage Tray

What a greyt deal. Very pretty tray.

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Re: Vintage Tray

I found this one about 10-15 years ago at a local gift shop.  I know i paid more than $1.99 ;o)



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Re: Vintage Tray


That is so darling!! Totally my style. Good eye, good buy!!😋

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Re: Vintage Tray

It's a beautiful tray but too bad its plastic!! Kind of ruins the "vintage" part of it. I found a lovely real vintage mirrored perfume tray several years ago at an antique festival. It's gorgeous and has real turquoise stones in it's decoration. 

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Re: Vintage Tray

“Tole” tray? My mom loved them, but unfortunately she also USED them, and they didn’t stand up to the abuse.


The ones she had were VERY POPULAR in the early ‘50’s, and she had big ones, little ones, coasters, lots of different styles.


SO PRETTY! Congrats on your find!

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Re: Vintage Tray

@Deeva  Were you able to find a similar tray?? or another great find?

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Re: Vintage Tray

Beautiful! What a great find.....and so many uses for something that is so pretty! Lucky you!