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Love the bed and the room.

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love the bed, and the room does fit it.  however, i would wipe the room clean, and start over with the bed. i feel the furnishings, wall coverings, and art are what make it so busy and overwhelming.  bed with clean solid walls, different art (don't like the matchy) different side tables and rug, i could make this work.

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I like it - does not look "dark" to me at all - does not look wide enough for two people - the carving on it is very cheerful - I have seen "darker" carvings.

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Gorgeous, but not in that narrow, odd stripped-walled room!  Needs a large high-ceiling room to show off its beauty and glory!

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Woe be to he or she who rolls out of bed during the night.  


Imagine having to dust that thing.

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Scary looking room ..... looks like an open coffin ... it gives me the creeps 👎👎

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Heavens, No.  The room is gloomy with that hideous wallpaper and not really feeling that bed -- too ornate.

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I find the bed and the room in general to be very creepy.

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It looks like something that Queen Victoria & Prince Albert would've slept in!