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The artistry of this bed is superb and does look like a museum piece. While I admire the workmanship I wouldn't have it as part of my decor as it is too ornate and belongs in a castle. However, it is impressive.

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Just knew when I saw the word "ornate" in the subject line, I'd not like it.  Have to say I can't remember ever seeing something as ugly as this.  I like the birds/ducks? at the bottom of the foot rest - but as separate decorative pcs. in a cozy area.  Can't imagine anyone wanting to sleep there.

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Break out the Swiffer.  

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Very interesting bed.  Lola finds the most unusual pictures and I enjoy seeing all the different things out there. 


While not for the majority of us, This is a great addition to a highceiling room in a large older ornate home filled with antiques. 


I had a friend to lived in such a home that had been in her family for a couple generations.  That was the first time I ever saw a bed that the headboard reached almost to the ceiling.



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Wow, they is carved isn’t it?  Not for me. 

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@gidgetgh wrote:

Absolutely hideous. I did a quick glance around the room to see if King Henry VIII was lurking somewhere. 

@gidgetgh- This is hilarious!  I was about to post "Perhaps this is a hunting lodge of King Henry VIII?"  Great minds think alike.


I think it's awful.  No way would I stay in that room, unless it was the only place available and I had no way to get home.  On second thought, no, I'd rather stay outside.  Smiley Indifferent

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Looks almost like it could be an adult version of that crib in Rosemary's Baby movie....scary-looking to me.

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Amazing detail but a bit of a monstrosity... I could maybe see this in some sort of archaic manor house...

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