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Re: Vertical Blinds Alternative s

Off my kitchen I have to glass doors and 4 very large windows that "bump" out that has seating.  It's a very large area, where my farm table that sits 8 is at.  Right now there isn't anything on the doors, the windows have curtains (valances) from previous owners.  I do know that the windows are tinted but since I moved into this house, I have been wanted to put new window treatments up.  We have done a lot to this house but it is more than we anticipated.  And unfortunetely, we have to re-do a shower that we remodeled 4 years ago because of leak.  UGH!  Can never seem to get to my kitchen step forward, two steps back.

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Re: Vertical Blinds Alternative s

@Twins Mom 

We have vertical blinds in our sunroom. I like their versatility in controlling the amount and angle of light, but I'm not a fan of how our metal ones look anymore. There are some newer verticals that I like better and might consider. We need new windows in that room so we're considering the mini blinds inside the windows and door. I'm also debating Roman shades.


I think if you like verticals you should stick with them and ignore home trends.