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Re: Vanity Sink Styles

Not a fan. I have no desire to make a bathroom anything other than what it is. A nicely appointed and decorated bath, for me, doesn't mean all the bells and whistles. I also, though, don't like the 'all in one' vanities. Give me an actual porcelain sink and I'm satisfied.

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Re: Vanity Sink Styles

I liked it until I used it.  My neighbor has one in her guest bath.  I prefer a regular ole sink.

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Re: Vanity Sink Styles

I'm more traditional. Some of them look like giant salad bowls to me.

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Re: Vanity Sink Styles

I like them in a powder room application.  Bathrooms with gargling and spitting, not so much.

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Re: Vanity Sink Styles

I have two solid white vessel bowl sinks - one in the hall bath and one in the master bath.


I like them ❤️ I do not have any issues with using them.


I also like the tall faucets to accent them. I have a super modern one in our bath - clean lines - the one in the hall bath is more contemporary - curved lines. I like both, they are both heavier designs  too - nothing wimpy for sure.


I do not have small children in my home though where height may be a problem. And, for soaking things - I do use them for say a swimsuit or lingerie. Everything else I soak, I have always done in the washer. And, also I have never been one to wash my hair in the sink either, so that is not an issue.


I like them because they free up counter space and under the sink storage space. Which in my house - is always a goood thing!!