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I have many VPH wreaths and flower bushes.


My front area is semi-covered porch area gets mostly direct sun in the afternoon and when it rains (not often) ...


Her pieces have not faded or fallen apart.  I find her florals are above the quality of ones found in Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.


I've used these wreaths for seasons many years..


She has said many times "covered" areas although I hung spheres from a tree branch 2 years ago & they are still working fine🙂

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It's not unusual for merchandise in many categories to arrive from QVC with instructions that don't match what the on air presentation represents. I've seen it happen often in things I buy, and people have mentioned it in reviews quite often as well. 


I think one has to use common sense and judgement based on experience when watching and listening to what the vendors/hosts are telling us about a products uses. Often the instructions enclosed in the package are extreme or taking the highest level of caution and the product does really function more to the on air claims.

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@Sandyw wrote:

I just opened one of my two white azalea urn fillers that Valerie presented as she was standing on a front porch setting & she showed all the ways the fillers could be displayed on the porch or other outside areas.  There is a care instruction paper in the package that says, I quote "This product is designed for indoor use, away from extreme sunlight & humidity".  This item was falsely advertised.

I just called Customer service & was told they'd pay return shipping but not my original shipping cost.  There is no place to put a review for this item & looks as if QVC is doing away with reviews anyway.  I've been a member over 25 years & this company no longer stands for quality & service.  

Now is the time for me to discontinue doing business with this company.  I have taken the channel off my tv.  Buyer beware!


@Sandyw   Valerie said that the items should be in a covered area such as a porch with overhang, screend in porch/deck, didn't you hear her say that?  

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I have purchased many wreaths where Valerie has said they would be fine on a covered porch.....I followed her advice rather than the manufacturer that recommended "indoor only"......I've used Valerie's wreaths on my covered porch for many years and they've withstood the Texas heat, sun, humidity, rain, and cold......\


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I have Valeries urns and bushes.  Mine are on a covered porch and look the same as when I bought them. It would be nice if the info in the box matched what Valerie said about keeping it on a covered porch.....especiallly for those who don't watch the presentations.