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Agree strongly about too much glitter, mercury glass and battery operated items. I am slowing down on buying home decor' and trying to downsize some. I did break down and buy her black swan. I think he is pretty classy....and no batteries and no glitter. Maybe if someone on her team reads some of this they will think about bringing in different next year. I used to think Jill's idea of decorating was so ho-hum and plain, but now I am liking her style more and more.

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im very sad at how Valerie's offerings this year have been.   I remember in the day and not be that many years ago I wanted Almost every tem!   I had a hard time narrowing down my choices to buy.   That is certainly not the case this year.  Very dissapointed,  I just domy like all the Mercury glass ,  battery operated items and pretty much figurines and stuff I can get elsewhere close to home like HL, HomeGoods etc   I sure hope that next season she changes her buying choices and brings more variety and more quialty and more quality items which is my preference.

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I agree! I am not seeing much quality recently. I just sent back a Christmas wreath back  that had so many pieces to it in the box not glued on and lots of broken red cranberries. It looked very cheap, and very poor workmanship. I don’t feel confident in her products anymore. It is very disappointing.

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Yes, what starts out as unique then becomes so mass marketed that it becomes mundane. And the quality does go down as the manufacturers rush orders to get the item to market before the customer fixates on something else. I bought a set of twinkling spheres and within a week outside the aqua blue had faded to the point it was silver where the sun hit. I finally got tired of the mottled look and buying batteries and chucked them.


Not everything VPH is subpar. One item I bought last season that I really enjoy is the lantern with the lighted church. The detail is impeccable and the church is almost identical to the the one I attended in my teens. And I ordered the carved deer pedestals in CIJ, and they are also impeccable. These pieces will anchor my mantle this season.



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Re: Valerie Parr Hill-Phyllis George

I adored Phyllis George and her shows of small craftspeople.  I bought so many pieces from her shows and gave them as gifts or kept them. They were unique and well made and attractive.  I could wish they still offered that level of quality on QVC shows!

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Re: Valerie Parr Hill-Phyllis George

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Most of Valerie's products are produced in China as are those from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.


I much prefer to purchase things from American artists on Etsy and other sites similar that are special and unique. 


There are also a plethora of fall craft shows throughout the country now and in the next few months where beautiful things can be found.

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I watch her shows , mainly for inspiration. She has some cute ideas , I have bought some stuff , much of it can be duped at home goods and other discounted stores. 

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For me, home decorating is something you really need to shop for - whether online, catalogs, stores, and individual shops scattered everywhere across the country.


There is so much of the same out there, you really need to look for the unique items that stand out in your decor.


For those that like the kind of stuff she offers and you can find similar items near you - why on earth would you order it here and not have a hands on shopping trip to see things up close and personal and pick out which exact one (s) you want without flaws or a different price or whatever the case may be? 


As for the “Made in China” issue so many seem to have - well, there is junk made in China and there is nice stuff made in China too - same as with anywhere else around the world these days including right here in the USA.


Shopping is shopping - shop around, and pick and choose. 

Valerie is Valerie - don’t like her stuff, don’t buy - like her stuff, buy.


She is not the only source for home decor by any means. If her quality is going down or if her selection is not as good - nothing ever stays the same - well perhaps it is time to move on .... to somewhere better to your liking .... 


Decorating should be fun ladies!! Yes, wrong decisions will be made along the way. Personal choices make a house a home. Make it your own! 🙂






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I don't consider Valerie's Stuff junk.I have purchased loads of her products.and will continue to do so.I love watching her.It makes me happy to show case her items in my Sunroom.


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@Tinkerbell3 wrote:

I am surprised to see the junk that Valerie has been selling!

Everything looks cheap and gaudy. 


I miss the show from years ago - I can't recall her name.(Lasy name George) Her husband was a Senator from Kentucky?

I agree.  A lot of it looked so good on TV or online, so I ordered a great deal of her fall decorating items (pumpkins, etc).   Most of it was scratched, chipped, cracked or broken in some fashion when it arrived.  And a lot of it (the 'illuminated' stuff) worked for a day or two and then quit, if it worked at all.  And this was with new, fresh batteries.   I have spent a small fortune sending the stuff back.  This will not happen again.