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I notice this lamp is showing up in the As Is. $15 and 6 colors. H204446

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Re: Valerie Mercury Glass lamp

I had good luck buying the first AAA battery version of this lamp as-is priced.

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Re: Valerie Mercury Glass lamp

Yes, early this morning I ordered the Chocolate and Silver. I bought two Gold when they first came out and used AAA batteries. I think a lot of people are disappointed that they don't give off a lot of light but I don't even use the lights a lot of the time. So we get a chance to buy at "as is" prices and I love that.

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Re: Valerie Mercury Glass lamp

Good luck with the as is pieces. It is just a matter of luck with Q's "as is". I have gotten some that is really good, and some that is really bad. What is nice is that you can return the "as is" if you aren't happy with it, so I'd say it is worth a try.