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Over the years VPH and other brands are "hit or miss".  Personally, everything on VPH set looks beautiful then I come to my senses "it's a big studio".


Today, I saw the lighted pineapples that were nice but don't need anything.




I wouldn't call her stuff "junk" although it's not really worth the prices they are asking -- you can find similar things at HomeGoods, etc.  Everything is mass produced in China now whatever you buy!


Yes, I do remember Phyliss George and Linda Dano they both had nice things.

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@Luvmycats wrote:

When Valerie Parr Hill first came to QVC years ago, her items were, for the most part, really cute. I am amazed by the things that she is now selling. Most of the items look so cheaply made and junky. 


@LuvmycatsI totally agree...the only things she still has that are worthwhile are her wreaths.....the rest I can do without since the quality has diminished!

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First, I have never seen anything affordable!  Second, I was changing channels the other evening and came across "Valeries" show and one of the items she was selling for over $40. was in the LTD catalog for under $10.  She's a ripoff and a phoney!  Bet she's a tyrant in real life - very money hungry and obnoxious!  If you look around, you can find the same stuff much cheaper!

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I've had good and bad with VPH. Some of the items were pure junk. I have a thread here somewhere about how I took pictures and had my SIL post on VPH's site the pictures showing exactly the issues...there were removed within 5 minutes. SAME thing happened on the QVC site under the items. CS was great as they sent 6 of the same item (huge wrought iron gates) to me and returned them all free of charge. 


I've had obvious defects in many items; no way they should EVER have passed quality inspection. Pure junk as the OP states. However, I have some gorgeous items as well. I shop many of the smaller home stores in my area and see many of what VPH sells on QVC at these stores. I also see unique items that she carries and those are what I purchase. Shop carefully and wisely.


The one vendor I REALLY miss is Linda Dano; her items were fantastic!!!!!