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@beach-mom wrote:

I don't have a problem with items made in China. It's the Chinese GOVERNMENT I have a problem with, not the people.


We have good friends who were both born in China and came here with their families (one without her father who was imprisoned) when they were teenagers. 


As far as QVC items go, I'm sure some vendors, especially clothing vendors, design the items and supervise the manufacturing of them overseas. They may not make the physical trip, but I'll bet they keep an eye on how their clothing designs are being made. 


I like to decorate with Valerie's items, wherever they are made. Unless they can prove child labor is involved, I will continue to buy what I like. 


I don't think any of us have a problem with the Chinese people, but I have a problem with what just went down, how we don't have the things we need for medicine and medical supplies, because we chose cheap over safe. 


I have a problem with all the loss of manufacturing that was here. I have a problem with all the lost revenue going to our government. 



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Americans need to find other sources for manufacturing.  China is our enemy.  They have brought more than this one disease to the world and they do not care!  If they cared they would not have allowed millions from Wuhan to travel the world while banning them from travel within China.  Shoppers have a lot of power if we do not buy made in China.  If manufacturers see we are not buying they will seek other countries to make stuff.  Our economy, our lives have all suffered and China needs to pay a price.  And any society that has a common practice of eating cats and dogs and killing them inhumanely is on my do not buy their stuff list.

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Re: VPH and China

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Its doubtful there are any manufacturers in the US interested in or capable of making the type of product Valerie sells.  In order to make a profit and sell at a price people would pay, you must have cheap labor.  We don't have that.  If you love your Christmas trinkets and are unwilling to buy Asian-made, you'd better treasure what you already have.



That's why I LOVE to shop in these small Texas Hill Country towns....they have these small unique shops with interesting merchandise---NOT from China---but from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, and even Russia (of course we dont want to open that door)....but anyway, unique things that are bit pricey, but they are indeed special treasures...And while  Amercian made is my preferred choice, with few manufacturers here, its nice to support merchandise from European countries where workers get a decent wages and working conditions....

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Well I have always enjoyed and purchased VPH products BUT not anymore. I just received the long awaited HOME sign...awful quality. Painting was bad and the letters  were not stable to stand. In fact the heart icon only would lay on its side, weighted wrong. So back it goes.

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Interesting thread.  I feel more strongly about not buying from Hobby Lobby than China and I do try to buy American when possible.